“Independent As Fuck since 2009”


FUNCRUSHER is a dedicated server in New Jersey that hosts servers for classic Doom source ports.


If you need an admin, the fastest way to get in touch with us is via the #funcrusher IRC Channel.


Playing on this server is a privilege, not a right. The administrators of this server can ban you for any reason or no reason at all.

Usage of or linking to cheating programs will ensure that you are banned for a very long time. In addition, your IP address will be sent to the Zandronum community administrators, who will probably ban you from every server.

Linking to warez or anything else that's illegal along those lines will ensure that you are banned for a very long time. This goes double for warezing classic Doom IWAD files.

Maliciously interfering with a game in progress will ensure that you're gone for a few days. This includes actions such as trying to kick players from an active duel or joining a Private CTF midgame without permission.

Clan scrimmages on FUNCRUSHER can only take place if both clans and/or teams are upfront about their rosters before the scrim starts. If a player using some other name other than their "usual" name, both teams should be aware of the player's true identity. Failure to be up-front about your team for a scrim will result in the offending players being banned for a week or two.

In order to prevent issues with impersonation and confusion in the picking process, players must identify themselves to others in Private CTF. If there is any confusion to a players' identity server admins will first ask a player to idenfity themselves. Failure to do so will result in a warning kick and any continued noncompliance will result in a vacation.

Private CTF & Team DM

The Private CTF server is where organized games of CTF & TDM take place. In order to join the server, you must be given the password, and this password can only be handed out by an administrator.

Most priv games take place in either a 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 or 5v5 format, depending how many players are in the server and ready to play. At the start of the game, one players will join each team as captains for their team. Each captain will take turns picking players from the spectator pool, with the captain who joined their team first getting first pick. After teams are picked, the captain who picked second gets to pick the map being played. The desired map is then voted (or forced by an administrator) and the match begins after the map change. After the match, all players spectate and the process repeats.